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25-45 years of age

You have started your career and are making gains or maybe you are taking care of young kids.  Maybe you have made VP or partner or are in the hunt; you are spending long hours at work and then spending time at kids events (sports, classes, etc), volunteering for the sake of others.  You don’t feel like you have a lot of time to spend on yourself; maybe you have become super-mom.   Have you started to take care of everyone else and forgotten to take care of yourself?  


45-60 years of age

At this stage of your life you have possibly been working hard at your career for many years.  Maybe you have made partner or have the corner office. You are starting to have discretionary income, looking at retirement or have already done so.  You may have kids that are in high school and or college or you may even have grandchildren that you love to chase and spoil.


60 years of age and over

You have probably made it to retirement or have at least started to slow down and work less.  You have grand kids to see and vacations to take.  You want to go see the world and do those things that you had put off while you were working and raising your family.  You have worked hard and prepared for this stage of your life and now you want to make sure that you have the vitality and stamina to enjoy it.