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Where You Are In Life Now

You have started your career and are making gains or maybe you are taking care of young kids.  Maybe you have made VP or partner or are in the hunt; you are spending long hours at work and then spending time at kids events (sports, classes, etc), volunteering for the sake of others.  You don’t feel like you have a lot of time to spend on yourself; maybe you have become super-mom.   Have you started to take care of everyone else and forgotten to take care of yourself?  The owners of 805 Get Fit have been there!  CLICK HERE TO GET HELP NOW!

Changes That You Are Starting to Notice

Stress from career and family takes a major toll on you body

  • Spending much more time on your career and family
  • Not much time to exercise
  • Less exercise means weaker muscles and a slower metabolism
  • You may now have love handles, jiggly arms, and a muffin top
  • Starting to feel back pain, less flexibility and upper body pain due to working at your desk or computer all day

What 805 Get Fit Can Do To Help

  • An experienced member of our management team will meet with you to assess you current condition and devise a comprehensive program of exercise and nutritional changes to help you achieve you goals in as little time as possible
  • We help you with health goals, life style choices, weight loss, strength gains, flexibility, mobility, agility, and a better quality of life
  • After a short period of time you can start to see results and feel results
  • We hold you accountable, keep you motivated and utilize our education to achieve the above by utilizing a safe and scientifically backed program

Let's get started today!  CLICK HERE

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by enjoying your Complimentary Strategy Session with one of our Certified Personal Trainers.  We will assess your current condition and help to set realistic goals and expectations as well as develop a comprehensive program to get you to those goals in as short a time as possible.  JUST CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW.


*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary depending on the following: adherence to our program, medical conditions, age, genetics, gender, diet, level of activity, etc.  Always get doctor approval before embarking on an exercise program.